Foreigners’ amazing feedback when receiving gifts of rice paintings

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The art of rice painting of the Vietnamese people has very special things, first of all, in the materials. The round, plump rice grains are carefully selected, heat treated and created in a variety of colors: white, yellow, brown, black… without the use of dyes at all. 


The familiar grains of rice are likened to the “pearls of heaven” through the skillful hands of the artisan, turning into rice art paintings containing both the breath of the countryside and long-standing cultural values. Vietnamese life. 


The positive feedback of customers Rice paintings always bring a rustic beauty that is precious but very special and meaningful, so it is not surprising that it is loved by many customers. Rice painting can be suitable for anyone, from small to large, from government officials, bosses, diplomats, professionals, engineers, bachelors, students, students, male or female, old or young. … Especially for foreigners, or foreigners working and living in Vietnam. 


When given rice paintings, they are very interested because of the uniqueness and meaning of the paintings. There are a few places that make rice paintings, but we are confident with our products that are competitive in quality and price. We – Thai Ha rice painting factory at house number 14, alley 58, alley 41 – are committed to bringing the best quality products to our customers. 

VIET-GIFT is a prestigious and top quality Gift production facility in Vietnam. With the product lines of Gifts, Rice Paintings, Lacquer Paintings… very Beautiful – Unique – and meaningful, imbued with Vietnamese culture. 




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Alley 58 – Alley 41 Thai Ha – Dong Da – Hanoi