Compare rice paintings with lacquer paintings and ceramic art

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What is rice painting? Why are rice paintings a meaningful gift? Applicability? Price?

Rice Painting is a unique and idyllic artistic, creative painting made from small natural rice grains combined with the talented hands of artisans to create beautiful portrait-like rice paintings. , architecture, landscape, etc. bearing the image of the homeland, the people of Vietnam.

The durability of rice paintings is very high, can be up to tens of years if we preserve it well. After the rice painting is finished and shipped, Viet-gift Thai Ha rice painting has an additional stage that uses a glossy, colorless, odorless spray to evenly cover the surface of the painting.

Reasonable prices, many prices, suitable for the majority of customers. Rice painting has a very popular beauty, so we can easily feel it without really knowing much about artistic perception.

Themes in rice paintings are very diverse such as: Nature, landscape, country, people, religious themes, portrait paintings, calligraphy paintings, abstract paintings, animal paintings, folk paintings.. Therefore, many foreign tourists visiting Vietnam have chosen to buy rice paintings as gifts, which can be considered as a souvenir with Vietnamese style. Because rice paintings are not only unique in terms of materials, but also in content, especially in topics about nature, the country, and Vietnamese people, it can be folk songs, proverbs, and songs. poetry about morality. Although rice paintings are rustic, simple but very soulful, so the rice paintings hanging anywhere are beautiful. It will enhance the warm interior space, as well as highlight the living room of the host – with a simple but luxurious beauty.

Compare with other art paintings: Lacquer paintings? Ceramic furniture

Compare Lacquer Painting and Rice Painting

Vietnamese lacquer art is a laborious process that takes a lot of time and effort. Each lacquer work, whether as large as a painting or as small as a pair of chopsticks, has to go through more than 20 manual processes lasting three months.

A complete work of lacquer painting will need a lot of different materials including: paint, color… The main material to make lacquer is latex extracted from the bark of the gardenia tree. Latex of gardenia has high stickiness and is very durable, resistant to rain, salt water, high humidity. Up to the present time, the commonly used materials for painting include:

Paint, color, silver products such as silver, paste, milled silver, beam silver. Gold products such as gilded gold. Other materials: eggshell, mussel shell, snail shell, scallop powder.

Therefore, to have a complete lacquer painting work, it takes a lot of time and money. Compared with rice paintings, although rice paintings may not be as rich in material as lacquer paintings, their traditional values ​​and ideas are equivalent. In addition, rice paintings take less time to complete and are more affordable.


Compare ceramics with Rice paintings

Vietnamese artistic ceramics in general and handicraft decorative ceramic products in particular have been the beauty of the nation since ancient times. Traditional ceramics produced in Bat Trang village – Gia Lam district – Hanoi have appeared and developed since the Ly Dynasty, when King Ly Cong Uan moved the capital from Hoa Lu to Thang Long. The people living in the left bank of alluvial soil on the banks of the Red River, they set up pottery wards. The pottery wards were formerly called Bach Tho wards (white earth wards). The first ceramic products can be said to be household ceramics such as cups and cups, worship ceramics and some typical essential ceramic products. Later on, when new life became familiar and ceramic processing techniques developed, various types of decorative ceramics were born to serve the needs of displaying or beautifying spaces and houses.

The list of the most popular art ceramic products stands out with a variety of decorative ceramics and ceramics on display: ceramic paintings, feng shui ceramic paintings, embossed paintings, flower vases and coated vases. enamel, painted flower vases, decorative garlic vases, gourd jars, mango jars; feng shui ceramic vase; artistic ceramic figurines meaning fortune and luck; all kinds of oil lamps, electric lamps, night lights, essential oil lamps, ceramics, etc.

In terms of style and type, ceramics have more functions. However, rice paintings have developed more diverse, such as bags made from rice, or vases from rice…

Rice paintings and handicraft products from rice still have a lot of potential, have not been fully developed, and can be more colorful. Affordable price, no risk of breakage during transportation.

Therefore, rice paintings are still a great gift choice, bold in tradition and containing many Vietnamese artistic values!